China Syndrome At The WPI

My friend Judy is in jail. It defies explanation. Nine policeman appeared at the home of Lilly Meehan yesterday with a warrant and searched her house, finding nothing of course. At the same time, Judy’s house was searched and she was arrested for being a “fugitive”. She was fired unexpectedly and went home to her husband. That’s being a fugitive? Only legal machinations, misuse of the system, could define her as a fugitive. If it wasn’t so horrible, it would be laughable. What she was “fleeing” was a veritable looney bin, having made every attempt to remain on the inside. And now they have taken her freedom. Turning her into not just a fraud, but a criminal, a thief? Come on. She is incarcerated and anything can happen. It is critical that the patient community find ways to let the authorities know that we are watching. If anyone harms a hair on her head, it will be noticed.

Dr. Mikovits was due in New York for the Mt. Sinai conference tomorrow, so would have had to leave the state in any event. And they knew very well she had been invited to that conference; it was no secret and they could have warned her that they thought that a violation of the injunction. What were they going to do if she had just gone to New York? Would she have been hauled off to jail for attending an important ME conference at which she was slated to be on a panel?

My blog is being monitored by the same law firm that sued Dr. Mikovits in the last few days. From Chicago and Kansas City. There are even 3 hits from the tech department in Kansas City. It would appear that they are actually paying really expensive lawyers to think about my blog! Are they going to spend money on a libel suit? To win a libel suit, you have to prove an untruth. I have told the truth and nothing but the truth. Everything I’ve said is my opinion and my own experience. I have nothing to hide and stand behind everything I’ve said. The only blog I regret is the one Harvey fed me about VIP Dx. I believed what he told me implicitly at the time, but now? Anything they told me is suspect. Who are these people? The sweet well-intentioned parents of a sick young woman? They must have used a very long, very strong arm to have made that happen yesterday. An intensive police effort in another state for a non-violent crime? How many cops involved? 20? You’d think she was a serial killer.

For the record, and lawyers at SNR Denton please take note, when I said that the WPI was spending money that patients donated on lawyers, I was stating my opinion, based on my assumption that the WPI’s income comes from grants and donations, and that they aren’t using grant money to pay lawyers. However, I was never privy to the books or finances at the WPI. I did not mean that there are line items in the books showing patient donations going to lawyers. The lack of accountability is part of the problem. What did happen to all that money, since there was lots of it, and apparently still enough left to burn up a bunch on lawyers? I wanted to write a blog before the annual fundraiser, but Judy stopped me. And now they have all that money, to pay lawyers to destroy Judy and go over my blog with a fine tooth comb. Very ugly.

Personally, I think it was Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick. The materials in question document a failed experiment. I have no idea where the notebooks are, but the value being put on them is smoke and mirrors, in my estimate. Their only real value would seem to be to someone with something to hide, which could be a number of people, Judy being the least likely. Any value the notebooks might have had is destroyed with this crazy maneuver. They are in the process of completing the destruction of the only scientist in the world who cares enough to have laid it all on the line. The scientist that helped their daughter by finally conceptualizing what was wrong with her, even if she didn’t have the resources, human and financial, to prove it. The damage to patients, to my daughter, is inestimable. The Whittemore’s are throwing us back into darkness. Complete meltdown for the patients. They held themselves out as our best hope, but have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Beyond tragic. They have now ensured their own place in the community as a pariah, it seems to me. The saddest thing of all is that they are fighting about the past, and ensuring that nothing at all will happen going forward, while our hearts get dissected in the courts.

I had to cancel my trip to NYC. I have been pushing to see patients for a couple of weeks and was too close to the edge to throw myself off a cliff and hope to fly. And now this. I will be in LA on Tuesday for Judy’s arraignment. I hope that as many of you as possible will attend. Let the authorities know that we are watching. Let her know that we are with her.

A hearing for Dr. Mikovits will take place on Tuesday, November 22 at the Ventura County Government Center, Hall of Justice, Room 13, at 1:30 p.m. The government center is on Victoria Avenue in East Ventura.

County of Ventura Government Center
800 S. Victoria Avenue
Ventura, California 93009

See Click here: Maps Map of the Ventura County Government Center

Parking for the Hall of Justice is accessible from Lots B & C, entering from Victoria Avenue, and from lots E & F, entering from Hill Road. Even with handicapped parking, there is considerable distance to walk from the parking lot to the Hall of Justice, so bring a wheelchair if needed.

Ventura is a coastal Southern California town between Santa Barbara and Malibu. Travel to Ventura County by car is accessible by freeway. The Ventura County Government Center is bordered by the 126 Freeway and Victoria Avenue and is close to the 101 freeway as well.

Amtrac has stops at both Oxnard and Ventura. The Metrolink train station in Montalvo is much closer to the government center than the Amtrac stations, so if possible to use Metrolink, that is the best.

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261 thoughts on “China Syndrome At The WPI

  1. >I always believed that the wpi would not come forward with a claim against Judy unless they had pretty solid proof. They are not stupid.
    I hope they will forgive some of the terrible things said and I hope they will do ME research in the future.

  2. >Don't forget the Whittemores fired Judy by phone. Who would do something so stupid? Why not ask her to go to her office for a talk and then fire her.

  3. >Probably not a surprise to hear all the lame excuses and conspiracy theories rattling around this blog. Just shows how many people not only can't handle the truth, they don't want to even hear the truth. The truth shall set you free, but not if you refuse to even listen to it.

  4. >I hope the patients have all learned an important lesson from this horrible debacle. Stop putting scientists and doctors up on pedestals just because they study/treat CFS/ME. There were problems and skepticism from the science community about Mikovits' XMRV way before the BWG results yet patients flocked to Mikovits' side and WPI's lab testing ..before any of their "science" was confirmed.
    I know its difficult to not have answers but let's be smart ..not desperate! Let's stop making saints out of people just because they say they have the patient's best interest in mind. Mikovits clearly did not have patient's when she lied and made decisions that landed her in jail. Have to wonder what Dr Jamie knew about all this before she wrote in her blog:

    "What she was "fleeing" was a veritable looney bin, having made every attempt to remain on the inside."


    Lots of apologies in order…

  5. >" a mysterious zinc deficiency caused the outbreak of CFS at a convent and a high school (truckee). they all happened to have the exact same genetic tendency LOL give me a fking break. you sound like reagan during the HIV emergence…"

    What a TYPICAL reply. Stop putting words in peoples mouths. That was just one possibility. ME/CFS is a multfactoral illness, with CONFIRMED nutritional deficiencies and abnormalities.

    Start taking at least SOME responsibility for your own health instead of waiting for someone else to heal you.

  6. >

    " Mikovits has defended her work.

    The termination came in September and had nothing to do with the controversy over the 2009 finding, Hart said. She said an institute leader demanded Mikovits give another researcher a cell line paid for by a federal grant issued specifically for Mikovits' work. Mikovits refused to turn over the cell line and was fired on Sept. 29.

    Hart said turning the cell line over to another researcher would have involved unethically diverting federal funds, possibly for the personal benefit of the institute."

  7. >Dr. Deckoff-Jones,

    You've been very outspoken about Mikovits and the WPI. In light of the information in Max Pfost's affidavits, do you maintain that Mikovits didn't steal the notebooks?

    Like many other have said, I think it's about time for some apologies.

    – Andy Vaughan

  8. >Andy Vaughan how dare you. Innocent until proven guilty and that will include Max and his affidavit.

    I am sick of people like yourself continually trying to push your agenda. What is your problem?

  9. >sally…..take responsibility for my own health? HAHAHAHAHAAH i have only spent EVERY PENNY to the point of bankrupsty paying out of pocket for numerous doctors, treatments, travel, supplements, over the last 19 yrs. i have crawled through airports, train stations, and hotels in an attempt to get even a little well. i have researched night and day until i am blue in the face. if there is anything i am overlooking here, PRAY TELL ME WHAT IT IS.

  10. >Jamie,

    The Whittemores were threatened by 'Men in Black' .

    Whittemores HAD to do this to Judy …or else have it done to them.

    20 years ago Dr. Peterson found the spuma-like retrovirus in my bloodstream.

    XMRV is a laboratory created bioweapon.

    In 2011 alone, dozens of other scientists exposing other bioweapons have been murdered… found in garbage trucks, etc.

    Taking Judy alive means M.E. does have the worlds attention .

    But being in the claws of the sociopaths can be worse than death.

    Eternal thanks Jamie, for doing WPI 's dirty laundry for them. After all, good medecine is about 'cleaning house'.

    This is sanctuary trauma for all ME/CFS patients. Last year, I even considered moving to Reno …, but it just didn't 'smell' right to me.

    Been wondering this whole time how WPI could spend those weeks in the xmrv hearings with the NIH, without seeing that the NIH is sociopathic. The only other choice was that the WIP is sociopathic .

    30 years ago I invented natural medecines for SLE ,MS, and ME/CFS …,which research has recently begun trials of synthetic versions of.

  11. >Anon 5:47 PM,

    Give it up. It's over. Irrelevant at this point. This isn't even crying about spilt milk. It is crying about the cup the milk was in. There are a very few doctors at academic institutions, who are salaried, or have been in practice for a long time and have figured out ways to make their practices work financially, while taking insurance. That was not possible at the WPI with the numbers I was given, because the overhead was enormous, before the first patient was even seen.


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