Report from Michael Snyderman MD

Michael Snyderman presented his updated poster at MD Anderson last week for a conference on hematologic malignancies. Dr. Snyderman is an oncologist with CLL and CFS who believes that existing antiretrovirals should be fully investigated for the treatment of XMRV infection. His pioneering research should have significant overspill for understanding how to approach the treatment of CFS. He is exploring something which, even if partially successful, sheds light into the pathogenesis of human gammaretroviral infection. His early evidence that it is possible to effect the disease process even after neoplastic transformation has already occurred, is nothing short of astonishing.

Link to the most current ppt.
Link to presentation as a pdf.

Dr. Snyderman’s comments:

The CFS symptoms continue to be improved. The CD19 cells continue to decrease which means that the majority of the leukemia cells are responding. Thus some of the cancer measurements are favorable even if the trisomy12 story is incomplete. Cancer may be more difficult to treat than CFS but what we learn with cancer will help CFS. Several important scientists have become interested in XMRV and cancer and may sponsor studies that would benefit CFS patients.

Thank you, Dr. Snyderman.

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3 thoughts on “Report from Michael Snyderman MD

  1. >Oh boy, would I have loved to be a fly on the wall of MD Anderson. I hope Dr. Snyderman sparked the interest of some the researchers in attendance. Thanks to our two out-of-the-closet doctors who have made their private medical lives public.

  2. >Hello Jamie. I have read several of the posts and I am not quite sure where to put this question so I will just post it anyway and hope you have time to address it.

    I have been sick with CFS for 10 years now. I have had some symptom relief from a number of places and I wondered if you do anything of a complimentary nature.

    I have had some symptom relief from an excellent TCM Doctor, a complete change of diet (and I mean complete) from a Medical Doctor/homepath and from a Medical Doctor who gave me Hydrogen Peroxide treatments intravenously.

    Often times when you are in the medical profession these types of complimentary treatments are passed over.

    Have you or your daughter used any treatments outside of the medications you are doing?

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