Criminal Charges Against Dr. Mikovits Dismissed

It has been a long time since anything went right with respect to the fiasco at the WPI, but this evening, the tide appears to be turning. The terrible injustice that was done to Dr. Mikovits has been righted at long last with the dismissal of the charges against her. I guess somebody’s enthusiasm for jailing scientists is waning with the growing fishy smell coming from the direction of the accusers.

Writing this, I see people celebrating on FaceBook, friends of Judy’s from all over the world. As we held our collective breath, we can exhale again. Our most dedicated scientist and loyal friend is free once more; may her brave and genuine heart find its way back to the work so cruelly taken from her. And from us. The justice system is meting out a little justice for a change, even while the people who did this continue to suck up a significant percentage of all the dollars the US government spends on our disease, apparently so they can pay for all their lawyers.